By Caroline Samson, Special Contributor and Group Leader

For many skiers, heliskiing is the absolute ultimate experience. I have to agree that being flown to the highest peaks of a mountain so you can carve up relentless virgin slopes of pure, immaculate snow while someone captures every moment on film is an amazing experience you will never forget!

That being said, cat-skiing is a great alternative. And, although the peaks aren’t quite as high, you still get to lay the first tracks on that glorious virgin snow. A little bit less extreme and not as widely known, cat-skiing should nonetheless be on every carving aficionado’s bucket list.

Heliskiing and cat-skiing are indeed very different. But, in both cases, the end result is ungroomed, off-piste terrain skiers typically get all to themselves. Guides do everything in their power to choose sectors that have the best snow conditions and where everyone is comfortable. They also work very hard to ensure their powderhound customers go home happy. (I personally had a smile on my face from start to finish… and then some!)

Cat-skiing, for its part, is more accessible both in terms of budget— since prices for a day or two of cat-skiing are significantly lower than they are for heliskiing—but also in terms of the vehicle used to get skiers to the top! Those who don’t particularly like flying are generally more comfortable being in a vehicle that stays on the ground! Boarding and disembarking is also a little less rushed when it comes to cat-skiing.

Personally, I love both of these sports. But, what I particularly enjoy about cat-skiing are the fabulous carving my friends and I get to enjoy together, on fabulous terrain, as challenging or laid-back as we can manage and as our mood dictates. In between runs, we can still have a bite together, listen to music, tell our stories and laugh at our less-successful descents. Then, make our way back up and start all over again! It doesn’t get any better than this!

One-day Options

logo-chuhach-powder-guides Chugach Powder Guides
Alaska, USA

Including 8 000-10 000 ft vertical with lunch, tips and security equipment.
powder-mountain-catskiing Powder Mountain Catskiing
Whistler, B.C.

Include a full-day backcountry cat-skiing / snowboard in 4 300 acres of private land. One day include  7 000 (minimum guaranteed) to 10 000 ft vertical with 6 to 10 runs.
big-red-cats Big Red Cats
Red Mountain, B.C.

GTRBlue-Stacked Grand Targhee Resort Snowcat Adventures
Alta, Wyoming



Multi-days Options

logo-monashee-powder-snowcats Monashee Powder Snowcats
Vernon, B.C

3 or 4 days

logo-chuhach-powder-guides Chugach Powder Guides
Alaska, USA

2 days week-end cat-skiing (sat. + sun. of the same week-end)
Each day include a one-day package : lunch, tips and security equipment.

big-red-cats Big Red Cats
Red Mountain, B.C.

3 days or more 

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