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NEW IN 2015-2016 : A high-speed four-passenger chairlift provides access to 200 acres of additional land for advanced and intermediate level skiers!

Mystical Jackson Hole

By Janick Robidoux, Ski Travel Specialist

Legendary Jackson Hole! If you’re in the mood for a cowboy-style vacation, then this is it! This resort boasts 133 runs between 1,923 and 3,185 metres in altitude (50% ranked expert level, 40% intermediate and 10% beginner), a vertical drop of 1,262 metres and 1,012 hectares of skiable terrain, not to mention an annual average snowfall of 1,166 cm per year—pure bliss!

Every sector is as exciting as the next, with nice, steady slopes at every turn. The wide variety of terrain—natural snow trails, perfectly groomed slopes, countless wideopen glades (and some narrower ones too)—is sure to make every avid skier feel like a kid in a candy store.

If I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be the area accessed via the Sublette Chair and the Big Red tram, which carries up to 100 people at a time to the very top of this heavenly mountain! From there, you can access the Rendezvous and Cheyenne bowls, the magnificent wide-open glades of the Bivouac run and, of course, the added challenge of the Alta chutes. For a good morning warm-up, the Rendezvous trail provides exquisite corduroy that is the envy of any mountain run!

If you’re familiar with Jackson Hole, you’ve no doubt heard about the Hobacks—and its fabulously challenging terrain. Take heed, however, if the surface is only partially snow covered. In the latter case, I would highly recommend that you wait until after 11:00 a.m. to give the surface some time to soften.

The highlight of my week (although there were so many to choose from) had to be the hike from Casper Bowl to the Crags, where we got to revel in tons of light, virgin powder. The half-hour climb is more than worth the effort! Once you get to the top, the 360-degree view will absolutely take your breath away, and you’ll quickly forget about the sweat and strain it took to get there. Pick a sunny day to ensure the best possible view!

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Jackson Hole added a brand-new lift that provides access to a whole new sector offering 200 acres of additional terrain. The Teton chair opens up to superb glades that were previously only accessible by hiking. Adrenaline junkies will definitely want to head to Corbett’s Couloir. Words can’t do this amazing trail justice, so I’ll just let you experience for yourself!

Accommodation-wise, I recommend that you find lodgings in town and take the free hotel shuttle to the mountain. Enjoy the short 20-minute ride there, coffee in hand, to relax before embarking on the day’s fabulous ski adventure! Take the time to walk the wooden streets of the marvellous cowboy town, and don’t forget to stop in at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. We guarantee you’ll have a wild time!
If you decide to leave your skis at home to save on airline transportation costs, you can easily rent a pair in town and bring them back or exchange them at the mountain, or vice-versa. The service is unbeatable, and they have a vast selection of ski equipment to choose from.
Want to ensure you experience the nature of Wyoming while you’re there? No problem! You are bound to see elk by the dozen in this part of the country, not to mention tons of moose!

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Text from 2015-2016 ski magazine

By Caroline Samson, Special Contributor

Tucked between Snake River, a few national parks, elk refuges and various parts of the American Rockies, the valley of Jackson Hole is, quite literally and geographically speaking, a hole right in the middle of Wyoming. Sure, with a population of less than 10,000 inhabitants, the Town of Jackson Hole is far from being a metropolis—but even if it seems to be lost in the middle of nowhere, when it comes to ski vacations, Jackson Hole truly stands out from the rest. And, with good reason. Jackson Hole seemingly has it all: steep incline, a long skiable vertical, big, beautiful snow… and a Western town that just oozes charm.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s (JHMR) reputation is firmly established. With a huge percentage of runs considered difficult or very difficult and its infamous Corbet’s Couloir, this resort is known for its extremely challenging terrain. JHMR also boasts the longest vertical drop in the U.S. as well as great snow accumulation. As great as its numbers are, there is, of course much more to Jackson Hole than statistics. True, there is lots of advanced or expert terrain here. But, unlike other resorts, JHMR likes to groom several of its double blue runs, making them somewhat less intimidating. If you are accustomed to skiing the typically eastern American walls of ice, you are sure to find some great slopes here, steeper than your Quebec mountains but with soft, groomed natural snow.

Needless to say, there are also lots of ungroomed trails to choose from. Something the statistics won’t tell you is that several of these great trails are sheltered from the sun, which means the snow stays fresh longer. The Tower 3, Alta and Paint Brush chutes are only a few examples of this excellent configuration.

Something else the numbers won’t reveal is that, though you can ski Jackson Hole’s long vertical drop in sections, you can also enjoy it in a straight line from the summit to the base. A good run down from the top of the gondola all the way down to the base is certainly a good way to warm up those quadriceps! Or, you could choose to ski down from the tram—more than 1,200 metres down, practically no false flats, and just turn after glorious turn!

Speaking of the tram, this amazing machine is really quite efficient: 100 skiers, 9 minutes, 1,260 metres of vertical… but, the real appeal of this bright red box comes from the endless possibilities which open to you once you get to the top. You can take Rendezvous Bowl towards the Hobacks or the Sublette sector, or, if you are adequately prepared, you always have access to some adrenaline-pumping backcountry skiing.

After a big snowstorm, make sure you go up with the first tram in the morning—I guarantee it’s an experience you won’t want to miss. The atmosphere is electric as you eagerly wait for the thrill of picking out that first intense powder run of the day. It’s such an awesome feeling… you’ll want to do it every morning. And, let me just say, it is certainly one of the main things that attracts me to Jackson Hole year after year!


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