St. Anton and Lech: bigger and more connected

By Michel Côté, GendronSki Group Leader

The two sister resorts of St. Anton and Lech are ushering in a new era starting Winter 2016–2017. A new lift from the village of Stuben is currently being completed and slated to be ready this winter.  The lift will connect Stuben (St. Anton) to Zürs (Lech), making these two resorts accessible by ski. In addition to this, skiers have access to a 2-km gondola, introduced during the 2014 2015 season, which connects the Schröken and Warth resorts to Oberlech. This particular addition integrates a vast ski area to Lech’s.

St. Anton/Lech is a ski area with elevations between 1,304 metres and 2,650 metres. For an impressive view, we highly suggest going up (without skis!) to Valluga at 2,811 metres in altitude. St. Anton extends from Nasserein to the village of Stuben, over the village of St. Christoph. Making your way from beginning to end of this path of discoveries is easy enough to do in a day. It’s a great way for backcountry skiers to identify which particular fields of snow they want to go back to, and for piste skiers to choose the sectors they’d like to explore during their stay. For lunch, I suggest stopping in at the Post Hotel restaurant in Stuben. You can find it by weaving your way past the cottages after the chapel at the foot of the slopes. The Rendel gondola now uploads from right above the roundabout where the buses are located. This particular sun-facing sector provides exceptional skiing.

When exploring the Lech ski area, I suggest following the renown Der Weiβe Ring (White Ring) circuit, which starts in Zürs and then loops around Zug, Oberlech and Lech using the Stubenbach gondola before taking you back to your starting point. Don’t forget to hop over to Schröken and Warth from Oberlech during your stay—it’s definitely worth it!

St. Anton, much like its neighbouring villages, has a long tradition of hospitality, dating back to the 13th century. Travellers who crossed the Arlberg Pass—which used to connect Austria to Germany—would often find shelter in the village’s inns for the night. The village itself may be more modern in terms of its architecture but, like elsewhere in Austria, there is a profound respect for combining old and new. On the edge of town lies the village train station, giving you the opportunity to visit Innsbruck, a one-hour ride away.

Discover these enormous sister resorts, accessible by ski starting this winter!

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Text from 2014-2015 ski magazine Lech and St. Anton’s surrounding peaks may not be as high as those of the larger French and Swiss ski resorts, but I can assure you that anyone who has skied this wonderful region holds nothing but the fondest memories of it.

 Lech and St. Anton conjure up images of charming villages like Arlbert and Tyrol, and their quaint alpine architecture. It is also a place where you can get a true sense of the passion Austrians have for their national sport of skiing. Surrounded by such gorgeous mountains, characterized by an abundance of snow and sun, it is easy to understand why skiing plays such a central role in the lives of the people here.

Located less than two and a half hours from the airport in Zurich, Switzerland, the Lech and St. Anton region is my absolute favourite destination in Austria. The lifts alone make it worth the trip—not only are they incredibly efficient, some of them also come equipped with heated seats! And, as far as accommodations go, you will find a variety of small family-run hotels that provide room and board. Breakfast and dinner is included as part of your stay, and the quality of the food would put some of the bigger North- American resorts to shame—all at a fraction of the cost!

Some of the most amazing and abundant snow I’ve ever experienced was in Lech and St. Anton, during the third weekend of January when many of the local resorts are at offseason prices! I just remember days and days of endless snowfalls and, best of all, the fact that everyone seemed to be more interested in shopping than in hitting the freshly snowcovered slopes. I was literally king of the hill… each and every day!

Breathtaking scenery, exquisite food, welcoming locals and heavenly skiing… what more could anyone ask for?

Par Jean-Luc Brassard Special Contributor, olympic Champion and Assistant Chef de Mission for Sotchi 2014 


Ski stations Accommodations Snow Conditions
Month Min. Max.
January -3 1
February 2 3
March 1 7
April 2 12
May 6 16
June 10 20
July 11 21
August 11 21
September 7 16
October 3 11
November 1 5
December -2 1