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Red Mountain

Red Mountain

By Monyse Bélisle, Ski Product and Marketing Director

When I chat with our customers every year at our ski show, they often ask me what the best bargains are, where the best “guaranteed” snow is, and if there are still any resorts that might be considered well-kept secrets. Well, my dear globetrotting skier friends, you will be happy to know that there are still a few mountains out there that haven’t been overexploited. One of these is Red Mountain Resort, located in southern B.C., in the charming little town of Rossland. Why charming? Simply for the wonderful French and English-speaking residents, community spirit, and its friendly shops and eateries (no big chains here—except for that one Subway restaurant!).

The town also boasts several hiking and mountain bike trails. But, most of all, it’s located just a stone’s throw away from Red Mountain Resort. If you’re looking for resorts to add to your bucket list, you should know that the ski area of this particular destination stretches over four peaks: Red Mountain, Granite Mountain, Grey Mountain (added in 2013) and lastly, Mt. Roberts, which is accessible for off-piste skiing. You can also partake in a little cat-skiing for a mere $10 a run on Mt. Kirkup—an offer you definitely won’t want to miss out on. The really great thing about this resort is that, once you’re at the top, you can ski down pretty much any side you want. As such, it’s nearly impossible to get lost, since you’ll inevitably always end up at one lift or another. So, a piste map is definitely optional here! (How great is that?) Experts will be well served at Red, where they can explore Buffalo Ridge, which leads to double black diamond runs such as Shoulders, Papoose Bowl and Roots Meadows, to name a few. If you’ve been working out and think you’re in good enough shape to tackle it, opt for the 20 to 30-minute hike up to Mt. Rob …


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Text from 2015-2016 season

expect the unexpected

By Claudine Hébert, Special Contributor and Journalist A warm and friendly natural beauty, RED Mountain has nothing to envy of the other superstar British Columbia resorts that regularly grace the covers of ski magazines.

Located at the heart of Powder Highway, near Rossland, this resort enjoys an average annual snowfall of 7.6 metres. A generous amount of powder covers this vast playground of 4,200 acres of skiable terrain, 2,700 of which are accessible via seven lifts.

Recognized for its legendary glades bursting at the seams with tall coniferous trees as well as its triple black diamond runs, RED made some major additions to its back yard in 2013. Line-ups were already practically non-existent at this resort—and, since these expansions, crowd-phobic skiers are twice as happy! Red and Granite mountains now also have a third player on their team—Grey Mountain— increasing the total number of trails from 83 to 110. Much like Granite Mountain, Grey offers 360-degree descents from the summit. Serviced by a quadruple chair lift, this new territory provides advanced skiers with over 860 metres of vertical terrain over 1,000 acres. At the top, a snow cat takes more daring types to the wide-open spaces of the Monashee Mountain Range. Thanks to these recent developments, RED now ranks as one of the top 20 resorts in North America.

If you aren’t an expert, there is still plenty for you to enjoy at RED, with 20% of the mountain’s territory aimed at beginners and close to one third of runs geared towards intermediate skiers. This is where you might regularly cross paths with RCMP officers who patrol the area on skis or snowboards. When it comes to the rest—save for a dozen or so condos at the foot of the slopes—RED continues to promote itself as one of the last resorts still unaffected by mass development, Its mission is simple: Remain the most authentic of all the Western Canadian resorts. Well, all I can say is “Mission accomplished!” There is absolutely no glitz or glamour here. RED leaves that to the other resorts. What it does have is a wonderful old-time vibe that also permeates the municipality of Rossland, located about 3 km from the mountain.

You won’t find a McDonald’s nearby, nor will you be able to satisfy your craving for a double-double at Timmy’s—but one thing you will find (including a Subway restaurant) in this small town of 3,500 is endless charm.


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Photo of Jonathan Campagna
Jonathan Campagna
Représentant à destination – On-site representative

Je m’appelle Jonathan et ça fait maintenant plus de 15 ans que j’enseigne le ski à tous les hivers. Pendant ces quinze années , j’ai pu enseigner en Nouvelle-Zélande, en Argentine, au Chili, en Australie en plus de guider des groupes dans plusieurs centres de ski de l’Ouest canadien. J’ai passé les huit dernières saisons de ski à Red Mountain en tant que moniteur de ski avec Canadian Ski Quest. Nous offrons des camps de perfectionnement d’une semaine et nous formons de futurs moniteurs de ski et de planche avec un programme d’une durée de onze semaines. Je suis excité de me joindre à l’équipe de Voyages Gendron et de vous accueillir à Red Mountain.

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