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A true legend

By Alexis de Gheldere,Special Contributor and Freelance Travel Journalist

Some resorts truly set themselves apart from the rest. Revelstoke is a prime example. When it opened in December 2007, it was clear this resort had gone all out! By providing access to the longest vertical descent in North America, Revelstoke raised the bar for the standard in extreme resort skiing. All you need to do is ski non-stop down the 1,713-metre drop (if you can, that is!) to understand what I mean. Think about it— that’s three times the vertical drop you get at Tremblant (625 metres)! So, hold on tight and make sure you pack some A5-35 for a good rubdown at night. Trust me, your legs and back will thank you.

There aren’t a whole lot of runs to choose from at Revelstoke, but they are all extremely long ones that tend to stretch towards the sky more than they do the horizon. The higher you go, the tougher the run, starting out with easy greens and intermediate blues and then moving up to difficult (and perhaps even extreme!) blacks. From the highest point accessible using the Stoke lift, all of the runs are black, except for a single blue piste. But, be warned, this is no ordinary blue run—hence the name: Critical Path.

The advantage of skiing a resort with an unusually long vertical descent is that the snow is always gorgeous at the top, especially in December or March, when temperatures are just above the freezing mark. If you stick to the two top lifts, Ripper and Stoke, you’ll never feel like you’re skiing on a small mountain. The long descent and playground seem infinite, particularly if you enjoy a little off-piste skiing.

It was March when we visited (late March, even) and, because extreme skiing is what we love most, we headed right for the off-piste terrain. Skis on our backs, we walked up the snow stairs, following the previously embedded footsteps, making our way to the North Bowl. The high-mountain landscape unfurled in all the splendour of its alpine beauty, uobscured by vegetation. In the distance, a sea of snow-capped mountains appeared on the horizon, dominated by Mount MacKenzie and its 2,461 metres at the heart of the Selkirk Mountain range.

There are tons of different lines to ski in the North Bowl, where the snow is abundant and the pitch is consistent. Although some of the runs here bear names like Drop in, Mania, Discipline and Powder Assault, it is basically a huge amphitheatre where you are free to roam as you please. Note, however, that the Discipline and Powder Assault runs do have specific starting points located between rock walls—for seasoned experts only! Once the North Bowl is behind you, feel free to take off your skis again to climb up to a section of the Greely Bowl. After these mesmerizing descents, you’ll want to make your way back to the North Bowl again and again!

On my next run down, a fellow skier showed me how to access a good portion of the North Bowl without the need for the 20-minute climb. This direct route is certainly not as breathtaking, but it’s also not as long. The Brake Check, Parachute and Unlimited Assets runs had me screaming with joy, and I found myself going back countless times to revel in the boundless snow and crazy pitch that brought all of my senses to life. It just never gets old!

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the wild side of skiing

By Ghyslain L’Heureux, Special contributor

The first time I visited Revelstoke in 2009, the mountain was just in the early stages of development. Its potential was largely untapped and the village was barely a rough draft of what it is today. Regardless, the first thing that hit me at the time was the enormity of the mountain… and I hadn’t even stepped out of the car yet!

Six years and millions of dollars later, Revelstoke is now an exceptionally modern resort that somehow still manages to remain true to its wild side. In the morning, you can hear the sound of helicopters taking off and dynamite exploding. The terrain is steep, the bowls humongous and the glades simply perfect. You can see trees for miles—with just the right amount of space in between to let you weave in and out, and thinning out at the base to let everyone through. And, of course, there is massive powder for you to enjoy carving up! When I was there, it hadn’t snowed for days and the temperature at the base of the mountain was almost 10 degrees Celsius—and, still, the bowls and glades were packed with tons of light snow. Those looking for a colossal playground and crazy amounts of snow are sure to find what they are looking for at Revelstoke.

There is, however, also plenty of terrain for those who aren’t experts. The Ripper Chair sector has a few intermediate runs and, under the Stoke lift, you’ll find several beginner pistes as well. As an intermediate/ advanced skier, I personally enjoyed the Hot Sauce and Jalapeno runs, located in the expert sector of the mountain completely to the right when you get off the Stoke lift. The side-country also offers great terrain. You can easily go from glades to groomers at Revelstoke, but I won’t hide the fact that this is some pretty intense skiing.

If you’re comfortable on all sorts of trails, you might want to ask the locals about some of the best places. You’ll always find someone—maybe even sitting beside you in the gondola—who’s ready to tell you about some secret powder spot. A 20-minute climb just about anywhere will take you to beautiful cornices for jumping, and to mounds of untouched snow. And, for you thrill seekers who always like to kick things up a notch, Revelstoke also has cat-skiing and heliskiing options. If you’ve thought about it and you’re still on the fence, just talk to someone who has had the chance to do it and I’m sure you’ll be convinced. After all, there aren’t too many places where you get to enjoy 500,000 acres of heliskiing terrain! So, take advantage while you’re here!


Photo of Laurent Gentilcore-Saulnier et Clara Boisclair
Laurent Gentilcore-Saulnier et Clara Boisclair
Représentants à destination | On-site representatives

Représentants à destination – Revelstoke

Laurent Gentilcore-Saulnier, Clara Boisclair et leur équipe sont de retour cette année pour partager avec vous leur amour pour Revelstoke. Elle en ski et lui en planche à neige, ils sont impatients de vous faire découvrir les meilleurs endroits, tant sur la montagne qu’en ville. Après une journée avec eux, vous serez davantage familier avec cet énorme terrain de jeu. Ils vous mettront en confiance et vous skierez des descentes adaptées à votre habileté. Leur compagnie n’a pas de prix !


Destination reps – Revelstoke

Laurent Gentilcore-Saulnier, Clara Boisclair and their team are back again this year, eager to share their love of Revelstoke with you. Clara in her ski boots and Laurent with his snowboard, this pair is happy to help you discover the very best spots, both on the mountain and in town. After a day with these two, you are sure to feel more confident, be more familiar with this enormous playground and be ready to ski the runs that suit your particular skill level.

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