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Salt Lake City, UT

The best snow in the world…

By Caroline Samson, Special Contributor and GendronSki Group Leader


When skiers are looking to take that first big ski trip and don’t quite know where to go, people are quick to recommend Western Canada or Salt Lake City. Why Salt Lake? Quite simply because it’s one of those destinations where you’re practically guaranteed to be treated to mounds and mounds of snow—of the absolute best quality, I might add. You see, contrary to what you might think, not all snow is created equal. Utah prides itself on having the absolute BEST snow in the world, and I can attest that, indeed, you’ll encounter the driest and lightest powder you have ever seen on the Wasatch Mountains, stretching along the eastern side of Salt Lake City. Best of all, Utah gets tons of this light champagne powder all the time!


Equally as fabulous is the fact that the Wasatch Mountains are home to several internationally renowned resorts. Some, like Snowbird and Snowbasin , boast a vertical drop of close to 1,000 metres. As you can guess, this is the perfect spot for carving long groomers, and for trying out the runs used during the downhill skiing event at the 2002 Olympic Games. Any of the resorts here is worth the trip, even if you just visit one. You can easily keep yourself busy for a whole week at Park City or Alta/Snowbird.


With such an abundance of powder, you can just imagine the incredible array of resorts available to you within a radius of a dozen or so kilometres. Leaving for that first ski vacation is always very exciting… and somewhat nerve-racking. You might be unsure about your ability to ski at big resorts or to ski such huge powder. But, rest assured, the resorts in Utah (much like any other big resort) have runs for different levels, from beginner to expert, as well as maintenance teams busy grooming the pistes every day. Anyone can find trails that appeal to them, and are sure to have fun skiing. As an added bonus, if you aren’t very comfortable skiing ungroomed snow, this might be the best opportunity to learn. That’s because, in addition to being the BEST snow in the world, Utah’s fresh powder is also one of the easiest to ski!

Of course, Utah isn’t only for first-time ski vacationers. Just ask our Gendron Travel team members. They know countless customers who regularly visit Utah, discovering new sectors and some new favourite runs every single time. Most of them have two or three resorts that they always enjoy going back to. Perhaps it’s time for you to discover yours!



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Alta | Brighton | Snowbird | Solitude

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Text from 2015-2016 ski magazine

my first love...

By Paul Dubrûle, Ski and Sales Director

If you’re a skier, you’ve no doubt heard all about the unbelievable snow in Utah. You probably also know that this destination is renowned for its practically perfect ski conditions and superb mountain stats. So, what are you waiting for? We guarantee you’ll enjoy some of the most incredible runs of your life—and, as an added bonus, getting to Utah is a breeze! There are tons of flights to choose from, and its just a 10-minute hop from the airport to the city.

Few people know this…but, in the late 80s (before I started working at Gendron), I spent three winters in Salt Lake City as a destination rep as part of Normand Perrier’s team. And, I have to say, these were definitely the best years of my skiing career. Part of my job involved visiting countless destinations around the world and, over time, I grew to have my favourites. But, despite it all, when it’s time for me to book my vacation, I tend to go back to my first love—Utah! After all, just like my customers, I know that you just can’t get snow like this anywhere else! Plus, Utah just feels like home. I know every inch of the mountains, all the best spots for backcountry skiing and, of course, it’s the one place I’m guaranteed to need my skins!

Salt Lake City is the only place in the world where you’ll find 9 major ski resorts less than an hour drive from Salt Lake City. Not only are there lots of options to choose from—each one is as different as the next, with its own unique personality and style. If hip-deep powder is what you’re dreaming of, then search no more!

The Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City are home to some of the most internationally renowned ski resorts where you will enjoy an incredible number of sunny days, varied terrain to meet every skier’s needs and easy access to the canyons. Extend your stay and visit some of the area’s national parks, including Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce or Zion—or, head to Vegas for an exciting getaway. You can customize your package to ensure you enjoy the most unforgettable vacation ever! Note that the Canyons and Park City resorts are now owned by Vail Resorts. More investments are sure to follow. Stay tuned!


Ski stations Accommodations Snow Conditions
Month Min. Max.
January -6 1
February -3 5
March 1 10
April 2 15
May 7 21
June 11 27
July 16 32
August 15 31
September 9 25
October 3 17
November -1 9
December -5 2