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Snowbird, UT

Snowbird’s Champagne powder !

By Claudine Hébert, Special Contributor and Journalist

Anyone who gets a taste of Utah’s superb champagne powder remembers it for a lifetime. After all, who could ever forget those amazingly light snowflakes, as sparkly as champagne bubbles, floating through the mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon? And when you experience it on the slopes of Snowbird resort, with the biggest vertical drop in all of Utah, it’s pure magic!

You just need to experience a few descents in Peruvian Gulch, Mineral Basin and Gad Valley—three incredible steep and deep sectors—and you’ll be hooked! And the only way to feed that addiction is to come back year after year!

Albeit, last season’s 7.5 metres of snow accumulation weren’t too impressive. But, we’ll chalk it up to some weird fluke and pray to the Snow Gods that the resort gets the usual 10, 11, 12 (and sometimes even 14!) metres it has regularly gotten over the last 10 years. We should warn you that, when at Snowbird, you’re likely to hear the sound of a howitzer going off. But, there’s nothing to fear! When all this white gold dropping from the sky is combined with a vertical drop of close to 1,000 metres, there can be a risk of avalanche. So, the staff at Snowbird is always sure to fire its artillery on snow days. They do everything they can to ensure that skiers and boarders can safely have hours and hours of fun on the slopes. Still, guests staying at slopeside accommodations might be surprised the first time they are woken up by the loud shots and shaking walls!

Note that Snowbird, located less than 30 minutes away from Salt Lake City, is also a neighbour to Alta—Utah’s “other” legendary mountain. These two sister resorts have been connected by lift for years. Sadly, this 2-for-1 bonus is not available to boarders since snowboarding continues to be banned at Alta. So, for the time being, it remains exclusively a skier’s paradise!

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2015-2016 Ski Magazine :

Snowbird/Alta and Cliff Lodge is a winning combination for skiers seeking an unforgettable ski vacation in Utah. Of course, a ski-in/ski-out hotel is always fabulously ideal, but—above and beyond this—the ambiance and infrastructure at Cliff Lodge is simply unparalleled. The ski lockers with boot and mitt dryers are divine! And then there’s the three slopeside hot tubs and pools surrounded by Plexiglas fences so you can enjoy the mountain views while relaxing after a day of skiing. The on-site restaurants offer diverse dining options sure to suit any budget, and are all within walking distance of the hotel.

The best feature of this particular package is definitely the snow! The diversity of the terrain here (everything for intermediate to expert skiers) is truly impressive. My absolute favourite of the week was definitely Mineral Basin, which includes a bit of glades in the bowl—this place provided memories that will be etched in my mind forever!

The local guide, Mr. Normand Perrier, remains the best-kept secret for the perfect mountain experience thanks to his expertise. Normand, as always, was able to find the best areas to ski based on the texture of the snow, the orientation of the sun and the skill level of his group’s skiers, thereby ensuring that the adventure was a most memorable one.

I’d definitely go back in a heartbeat!

By Paul Poupart Gendron Travel Customer


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Ski stations Accommodations Snow Conditions
Month Min. Max.
January -6 1
February -3 5
March 1 10
April 2 15
May 7 21
June 11 27
July 16 32
August 15 31
September 9 25
October 3 17
November -1 9
December -5 2