By Caroline Samson, special Contributor and GendronSki Group Leader

With the different sides and sectors of its mountain, its quaint pedestrian village, its alternate activities and variety of restaurants, Tremblant has everything you need for a great ski vacation. Repeatedly ranked one of the best ski destinations in North America, Tremblant also has a sublime atmosphere that I especially love in the spring, at Christmastime, or during any of the countless events it holds throughout the year.

That being said, the main reason we all go to Tremblant is to hit the slopes—and, with plenty of options for everyone, it’s certainly a joy to do. Officially, Tremblant has four sides, but I would actually say it has six distinct sectors: Versant Soleil with its long descents; the sector surrounding Flying Mile with its parks and crazy pitch; the often less-frequented Edge, which is simply fabulous after a heavy snowfall and where you are sure to have a blast weaving in and out of the trees; the varied and therefore extremely popular Versant Sud, with its magnificent lake views; Versant Nord for its abundance of possibilities; and, lastly, the Expo sector, where my friends and I spend half of our winter weekends!

Naysayers will often argue that Tremblant is too crowded on the weekends. My counter argument, and one that applies to practically any ski resort, is the following: get there early and, if possible, meet up with friends who ski the mountain regularly because they will know exactly where to go and what time to arrive in order to make the most of your day. Keep in mind that, at Tremblant, much like anywhere else, Sundays are the quietest, especially in the afternoon. On the flip side, during the Holidays and on Saturday mornings, around 10:00 a.m., the line-up for the Versant Sud gondola is likely to be a lot longer.

Sunny late afternoons are just as magnificent at Tremblant. In January, when the sun sets on the mountains to the west, ending the day by slowly winding down the slopes from Le Manitou cottage towards the base of Versant Sud, with Galarneau a kaleidoscope of colours in the background, is pure heaven. In March and April, when the end of the day is upon us, we tend to head over to Place Saint-Bernard instead—which is not too shabby either, if I do say so myself.


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Text from 2015-2016 ski magazine 

the gentle giant

By Marilyn Griffiths and Robert Choquette, Special Contributors

Research shows that during a typical winter’s day at a destination resort like Mont Tremblant, a 90-minute drive north of Montreal, there are “six hours of skiing, eight hours of sleeping and several hours of ‘What should we do next?’” Its casino and other venues like Aquaclub La Source, movie theatre, live acts on Place Saint- Bernard, skating rink, and tubing are part of Tremblant’s answer to ensure guests can fill their free time with enjoyable activities. Besides that, Tremblant’s purpose-built four season village boasts enough restaurants, bars, cafés, retail shops and additional venues to maintain the excitement.

As added value, guests staying at participating hotels get to enjoy the Tremblant Privileges pass, which allows them to be at the top of the gondola by 8:00 a.m. and enjoy one or two runs before the regular guests board the lifts at 8:30 a.m. Believe me, this makes a huge difference on a powder morning! Other perks include skating at the rink in the lower village by Chapelle Saint-Bernard and tube sliding at the Équilibre area next to the Fairmont Tremblant. These evening activities start at 6:00 p.m. and are very popular with families who have young kids or teenagers. Tremblant’s skiing is extensive but, if you can manage it, try to choose a mid-week stay. Otherwise, to avoid congestion, ski the top half to mid-mountain. While on the hill, a favourite pit stop of mine is Le Refuge du Trappeur located on Versant Soleil. There’s nothing like sitting by its woodstove and enjoying a nice, hot coffee or a hearty soup. Don’t miss it!


Ski stations Accommodations Snow Conditions
Month Min. Max.
January -20 -8
February -19 -5
March -12 1
April -3 8
May 4 17
June 9 22
July 12 24
August 11 23
September 6 17
October 1 10
November -5 2
December -15 -5