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By Paul Dubrûle, Ski and Sales Director

Several seasons ago, I discovered a place where time stands still, where the quality of the snow is much more important than dressing fashionably, and where the lifts are rather slow (which affords you plenty of time to chat with the locals), where the cafeteria serves the best ski-hill food in Canada. In short, I discovered a place where the only thing that really matters is skiing. Welcome to Whitewater, British Columbia.

Thanks to a microclimate, this resort, located near the City of Nelson, gets an average of 12 metres of snow per winter. So, if you hear the locals talk about being waist-deep in snow, they aren’t lying! It’s also a bit colder in this area, which means the powder is extremely light. Long overlooked, Whitewater is now attracting more and more attention because of its unique nature and the diversity of its terrain. It’s also a mountain where off-piste skiing is easy to access—but, of course, you still have to be well equipped if you decide to ski out of bounds. To be frank, it kind of reminds me of Jay Peak before they invested huge amounts in improving their slopeside facilities.

Whitewater is also one of those rare ski resorts that has no accommodations. However, that really doesn’t matter when you can stay in the vibrant city of Nelson, a short 25-minute drive away. You are sure to be charmed by Nelson’s artistic, somewhat hippy-ish and community-oriented vibe. Nearby are the Ainswhorth hot springs, an absolute must for soothing those aching muscles after an intense day of powder skiing.

I can still remember everyone’s reaction the first time we skied this mountain. We couldn’t believe we hadn’t been there before— Jean-Luc Brassard more so than any of us! So, don’t regret waiting too long for your first visit to Whitewater the way we did. Trust me, you have to ski it to believe it!

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Text from 2015-2016 season

a little-known piece of heaven

By Jean-Luc Brassard, special contributor and Olympic Champion

This little-known piece of heaven came as a real surprise to me, not to mention an absolute treat! Before even hitting the slopes, I soaked up some of the most idyllic mountain views I had ever seen while driving along the access road from Nelson. Once at the mountain, though, the two somewhat rustic-looking lifts had me wondering what I had gotten myself into— but, I consoled myself knowing I could snap a prize picture of my fabulous surroundings from the summit!

I am happy to report that I was incredibly mistaken! The lifts at Whitewater may not be the latest and greatest, but the skiing itself is simply out of this world! All three sides of the mountain offer long, undulating runs but what most impressed me was the forest of beautiful, tall trees. What a thrill to weave in and out of those massive beauties! Easily accessible, this forest is also chock-full of peaks and valleys, and other great surprises that will keep you wanting more. Favourably located in the Selkirk Mountains, where the snow is dry and abundant, Whitewater is continually replenishing its stores of white gold. It’s always great fun to explore and discover little hidden spots in the forest where the wind-sheltered snow is as deep as it gets! Another detail worth noting: traverse routes at the base of the mountain will always easily get you to the closest lift. Of course, Whitewater isn’t meant for every type of skier. If showing off your latest fashion accessories is part of your enjoyment, then Whitewater may not be your kind of mountain. This resort is intended for hard-core ski fanatics whose enthusiasm for the sport is wildly contagious and makes this jewel of a mountain shine ever brighter!

When it’s time for lunch, hurry over to the mountain restaurant, where the exquisite cuisine alone is worth the trip. It’s so good, in fact, that most visitors end up purchasing the chef’s recipe book to take home as a souvenir! Created by ski aficionados who exude passion for the sport, Whitewater is all about skiing at its purest. The lifts may not be the fastest, but don’t forget that your legs may very well need the rest in between runs!


Ski stations Accommodations Snow Conditions
Month Min. Max.
January -7 -1
February -6 1
March -2 7
April 1 14
May 4 18
June 8 22
July 10 27
August 9 26
September 6 20
October 2 12
November -1 4
December -4 0