The ultimate playground

By Marie Duchesneau, Special Contributor and Globe-trotting Skier

Every winter, my life consists of serving some of the happiest customers you’ve ever seen—donning ski boots and smiles almost permanently etched on their faces! So, what exactly is it that I’m so fortunate to do for a living? It’s quite simple, really. I sell happiness to skiers… in the form of heliskiing!

Heliskiing is said to be the ultimate experience for any seasoned ski enthusiast. As cliché as it might sound, it’s absolutely true. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of seemingly endless powder, of an untouched forest, of tearing up a glacier on a beautifully sunny day, of taking a helicopter to the top of mountain, of a real ski guide, or feeling like you’re alone in the world as you take in the views of the most spectacular mountains in the country?

Heliskiing was long a luxury only the elite could afford. A typical package generally included a week-long stay in a high-end mountain inn, and the total bill was generally quite exorbitant. Of course, packages like this are still available, for those who can afford it. However, there are now several more affordable options to choose from, which are generally better suited to the average person’s budget. In fact, you can now reserve single-day packages, with or without accommodations. That means you can plan a week at a resort such as Whistler, Revelstoke or Panorama and add a day of heliskiing without having to re-finance your home.

If you’re wondering what the best time of the season is for heliskiing, there truly is no right or wrong answer. Early in the season, the abundant snowfall often results in lots of backcountry skiing. February is the busiest month, so you have to reserve early. If you’re going at this time, you’ll tend to hop back and forth between the alpine sector and snow-covered forests. If you go in the spring, chances are you’ll be skiing on glaciers. But, since every winter is different, it’s hard to predict what to expect.

Although powder skiing may seem easy at first glance, it does require a certain amount of agility and high level of physical fitness. Wide skis are always included in your package, but you’ll definitely want to warm up on the slopes for a few days before going on this ultimate ski run if you want your legs to keep up.

Life is too short, so don’t wait another minute—book your heliskiing adventure today! You can’t put a price on spending an unforgettable day in the mountains with your family or friends. Be warned though… once you try it, you’ll want to do it again and again!

Whistler, B.C.

whistler-heli-skiing « CLASSIC EXPERIENCE »
Bell 205 helicopter accommodates 7 to 10 people. Appropriate for intermediate and advanced skiers or snowboarders, no powder experience necessary.

whistler-heli-skiing « ELITE ADVENTURE »
Bell 205 helicopter accommodates 7 to 10 people. Appropriate for expert skiers or snowboarders.

whistler-heli-skiing « ULTIME EXCURSION »
Bell 407 helicopter accommodates small groups of 5 people. Appropriate for expert skiers or snowboarders.


Panorama, B.C.

logo-r.k.heliski « POWDER ADVENTURE »3 or 5 run packages. Canadian Rockies, Purcell sector.



Revelstoke, B.C.

selkirk-tangiers « POWDER EXCURSION »

For intermediate or for a first experience.

selkirk-tangiers « POWDER ADVENTURE »
For advanced or experts.

selkirk-tangiers «TWO-DAY NO FRILLS »
For advanced or experts.

selkirk-tangiers «CLASSIC PACKAGES »



Alaska, USA (Girdwood / Alyeska, Seard & Pacific Coast)

logo-chuhach-powder-guides One day HELISKIING PACKAGE

logo-chuhach-powder-guides 5 days / 5 nights HELISKIING PACKAGE

logo-chuhach-powder-guides 7 days / 7 nights HELISKIING PACKAGE


Terrace / Smithers (via Vancouver), B.C.

logo-last-frontier 4, 5 or 7-DAY PACKAGES

logo-last-frontier 7 DAYS LODGE TO LODGE SAFARI

logo-last-frontier 7-DAY HELISKI TOURING| 13 100 vertical meters /43 000 of guaranteed vertical
This true full mountain experience combines heliskiing with ski touring. Spend 4 days earning your turns with heli assisted
ski touring and for the final 3 days, let the heli do all the work.


Gold Bride (via Vancouver), B. C.

logo-TLH-heliskiing 3, 4, 5 or 7-DAY PACKAGES



Golden, B. C.

logo-Great-Canadian-Heli-Skiing 2,3,5 or 6-DAY PACKAGES
Purcell sector, Canadian rockies



Teton Mountain, Wyoming

logo-High-Mountain-Heli-skiing 1-day package
American rockies


Kicking Horse, B.C.

purcell-logo-crop 1 or multi-days package 

Canadian Rockies, Purcell sector.